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Introducing Phiten Titanium Aid X30, 
the tape that can be applied literally anywhere! With its excellent durability and elasticity, the tape can be applied to those small areas, such as between fingers and on knuckles. Strong water repellency helps keep the tape in place and be used when doing water work.

1 Package / 20 Strips


• Superb elasticity two-way stretch (horizontally and vertically) allows for application on the wrists and knees, as well as the smaller joints such as the finger or toes, and on the small area between fingers.

• Thin, yet durable non woven material with breathable technology keeps moisture out and prevents rash or irritation from occurring

• High water repellency makes it strong against water and perspiration, and is highly recommended when working with water.
Material: 100% Polyurethane 

Technology: AQUA TITANIUM® (X30)

Made in Japan

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