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Ball of foot pain?

Phiten Metatarsal Insoles, infused with AquaTitanium, is designed to absorb the impact on your metatarsal, with its built in silicon pad, as you move. They’re great for everyday use, especially if you wear shoes with hard soles or heels.

Specially designed to relax the metatarsal muscles on your foot. It is permeated with Phiten unique Aqua Titanium Technology to relieve aches and pain on the heel and foot area. It has the benefit of absorbing your body weight and cushions your joints while walking and running to prevent wear and tear of knee joints. It can be cut with scissors to fit your existing shoes sizes. Both female and male sizes available. Contains Aqua Silver Technology which eliminates bad smell. Hand Washable. Best product for people looking for bad knee solution. Best used with Phiten Aqua Gold Metax Cream or Phiten Relax Gel for full relaxation of your foot after a day’s work.

Package contains a pair (two insoles).

Body - Ethylene vinyl acetate
Surface fabric - Polyester
Shock-absorbing pad - Silicone

Made in Japan 

Directions for Use:
Check the size of the insole with your footwear. If necessary, adjust the size of the Phiten Insoles by trimming the toe area. The edges may be cut as necessary. It is recommended that both insoles are used at the same time.

Instructions for Care:
Let the insoles air dry in the shade before use. When the insoles are not in use, take them out from your footwear and air-dry them in the shade. Avoid storing them in high temperature or high humidity. Do not wash.