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This Pillow Pad offers relaxation for your head and shoulders using Phiten Technology. Infused with Aqua Gold, this unique pillow case can help you get a restful night's sleep.

In summer, the high temperature and humidity tends to accumulate on the surface of the skin, making the scalp sticky. The scalp has the largest number of sebaceous glands in the body, and the sebum sticks to the pillow and becomes the source of unpleasant odors. The moisture-absorbing pillow pad helps prevent the heat from being trapped in the scalp.

The Pillow Cover has the reversible feature so you can choose depending on the season.

NB 2 wide elasticised straps hold the pillow pad on your pillow. This makes it very easy to remove and wash. 

Front Side with Hemp: the stripe fabric side is recommended for Summertime. Antimicrobial feature is in the inner material.

Reverse Side with cotton: provides a soft and smooth texture suitable for Spring and Autumn.

Colour: Light Blue

Size: 63cm x 43cm

Materials: Stripe Side - Linen 55% Cotton 45%

Solid Colour side - Cotton 100%

Filling Polyester 100%

*Wash by hand or machine using gentle wash. Allow to dry naturally. Lay the pad flat and smooth out creases.

Do not use bleach  or tumble dry