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 The newest Massage Gel, perfect for massaging areas such as your arms, stomach, and thighs. Formula is enriched with natural aging-care ingredients to rejuvenate the skin in sensitive areas. Refresh the lymphatic flow by massaging the skin with the formula around the lymph node, such as the underarm, groin, and under the knee. Perform massages before work, exercise, or house work. It is also recommended to massage the body after taking a bath.

Key Ingredients:

• Yerba Mate Leaf Extract helps enhance the massaging effect on the body

• Passionfruit Extract has anti-aging properties

• Bupleurum Herb Extract tightens the skin, resulting in a firm skin tone. It has a long history to be used as an ingredient for a variety of formulas.
• Coffee Seed Extract has chlorogenic acid, which rejuvenates the skin

• Prunus Iannesiana Extract (Japanese Cherry Blossom) has anti-aging properties, and has been attracting attention in the latest years.

• Pure Gold Salt, which is made from Naruto’s (Tokushima Prefecture) natural salt and Phiten’s AQUA-GOLD®, revitalizes the skin for a more firm skin tone
France, helps tighten the skin

* There is no need to wash off the gel after the massage.

 Technology: AQUA-GOLD®