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Worried about the firmness of your skin or lines on face and neck? Just 3 minutes a day lymphatic massage using the Titan roller, can firm skin and ease lines.

Stimulating the skin improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, carrying the oxygen and nutrients skin needs to remain firm and elastic, and helps remove any excess fluid.

PHITEN Titanium Massage Roller has 4 magnet bars and 6 titanium shafts which mimic an Esthetician's rhythmical hand massage. The inner magnet bars revolve and create an alternate magnetic field as you roll the device on your face or body.
An AQUA-GOLD SILICA® acupuncture node at the end is used for applying acupressure on the face or body. By massaging the face and body with the acupuncture node, it will promote blood circulation around the body.
It is recommended to apply the Aqua Gold Premium Moisture Gel before massaging for best results.

Metax massage lotion and massage roller
Stimulate lymphatic drainage, relieve fatigue, tension and pain in muscles and moisturise skin, using  Metax massage lotion with Aqua Gold and aging care ingredients, in conjunction with your Titan Roller.

All parts of the body can be addressed with massage and acupressure using the Titan Roller. Comes with instructions on how to use on key parts of the body; neck, shoulders, arms, feet and legs.

Phiten Recommended Massages:
• Facial: Roll from the chin to the ears, in upward direction
• Facial: Roll from cheek to the temple region
• Facial: Roll from center of the forehead, outwards
• Body: Roll from the middle of the buttocks to around the front in the groin area where the lymph runs
• Body: Roll from the middle of your chest, outwards, right below your clavicle

Phiten Recommended Facial Beauty Acupressure Points:
Apply slight pressure with the acupuncture node on the beauty acupressure points to help the flow of waste products out of the body.
1. Behind the ear lobe on the parotid gland
2. In front of the ear on the tragus
3. Lower part of the center of the cheek bone
4. Inner corner of the eyes
5. Temple

Neck, Shoulder and Arms
Suffering from stiff shoulders? Fatigue in arms? Skin pouch under arms?  Try regular massage and acupressure on the channel (carrying blood vessels, lymph and nerves) connecting the jaw to the body, and on the arms from wrist to armpit / shoulder.

Feet and Legs
Legs and feet need to be treated carefully as such important parts of the body.  Conditions such as tired, cramped or swollen legs or feet can be improved by regular use of the massage roller.

L 17cm x W 2.8cm
Body - ABS Resin, Stainless
Magnet - Neodymium magnet
Roller Shafts - Titanium
Bottom Nodes - Elastomer Resin (Permeated with AQUA-GOLD SILICA®)


Do not use in a Sauna. After use, wipe clean with a wiping cloth (included) or a dry towel. Make sure the roller is completely dry and clean before storing. Do not place roller in hot or cold water. Do not clean with rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, etc. Do not apply too much pressure. Consult your doctor if you are on medication or are receiving treatment. Do not place in mouth. Stop use immediately if any discomfort or sickness occurs during use. Prolonged use may have an effect on the epidermis. Keep out of reach of children.