PHITEN INSOLE - CUP TYPE (includes a pair)

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Tired or sore feet? Our feet support our bodies all day and often neglected.

The Insole Cup Type not only provides your feet with double shock absorbers for high impact areas, it also contours to your feet for superior comfort and contains Phiten’s AQUA-SILVER®, AQUA-TITANIUM®, and Micro -Titanium Spheres to ensure supreme quality you can trust.

Package contains a pair/two insoles.

Body - Ethylene vinyl acetate
Surface fabric - Polyester
Shock-absorbing pad - Polyvinyl chloride
Micro -Titanium Spheres

Made in Taiwan (under supervision of Phiten Japan)

Directions for Use:
Check the size of the insole with your footwear. If necessary, adjust the size of the Phiten Insoles by trimming the toe area. The edges may be cut as necessary. It is recommended that both insoles are used at the same time.

Instructions for Care:
Let the insoles air dry in the shade before use. When the insoles are not in use, take them out from your footwear and air-dry them in the shade. Avoid storing them in high temperature or high humidity. Do not wash.