Phiten NASAL Tape X30

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Introducing Phiten NASAL Tape X30
Ideal for not only those with mouth breathing problems, but it is also great for use during sports activities, sleep, and for nasal congestion. The integrated plastic bar opens up the nasal cavity to help facilitate the flow of oxygen. Return to your natural way of nasal breathing to sleep well at night for a well-rested and healthier body.

• An integrated plastic bar opens up the nasal cavity

• Permeated with X30 AQUA-TITANIUM® Application Precaution

• Be sure to apply the strip right on the indentation of your nose.
   Applying too high or low may result in the strip not working to its full potential

• When detaching the strip, wet it with warm water on all four sides. Hold the two
  ends on the bottom side and slowly and carefully pull upwards.

61% Polyester
33% Cotton
6% Polyurethane
Bar - Polyester Non-Woven Fabric

Made in Japan