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Phiten Recovery Horse Rug

AQUA TITAN is designed to assist and maintain the body’s natural potential and healing power by regulating and coordinating the flow of electricity (bio-electricity) through the body. Bio-electricity is associated with intercellular communication and neural transmissions. AQUA TITAN in Phiten products can help: Improve the body’s speed of recovery following strenuous work or exercise Finally, improved behavioural response of the autonomic nervous system, suggests that AQUA TITAN acts as a mild relaxant and stress suppressant.

Recommended usage:

• For short periods prior to racing or competition. Designed for keeping calm and relaxing muscles.
• For short periods post racing or competition. Induces calm and aids muscle recovery.

Note1) The Recovery Horse RUG is not intended for long- term use. It is a light weight product that may slip off so use under supervision.

Note2) The Recovery Horse RUG does not come with any Phiten Horse neck straps.

Colour: Black only

Size: Medium(W194×H88cm) and Large(W204xH95cm) Machine Washable

Approx: Size M - Rug Size 6'0" to 6'3"
Size L - Rug Size 6'3" to 6'6"

Material: Polyester and Machine Washable