PHITEN Supporter Knee Soft Type Super Warm

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PHITEN Supporter Knee Soft Type Super Warm

Phiten's latest limited edition AQUA-TITANIUM® Knee Support Type Super Warm is available in heather gray. This AQUA-TITANIUM® and AQUA-PALLADIUM® permeated Knee Support features Hygroscopic Exothermic material to keep your knees warm and ready for its next move. This Knee Support is soft and comfortable allowing for maximum comfort and flexibility around your invaluable joints.

• Heat absorption material keeps your knee warm 
• Moisture wicking fabric 
• Special weaving (knitting) to support knee and prevent slipping 
• Soft and Comfortable 

55% Acrylic 
20% Polyester 
10% Wool 
9% Cotton 
6% Polyurethane 


Made in Japan