PHITEN Titanband Rakuwa Metax 2pcs

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This TitanBand, which gives you the flexibility for multiple applications. The Velcro fastener will aid in the support that you require. With the added Aqua Palladium, it will help to reduce water retention in the area of your concern.


- Infused with Phiten® unique AQUA TITAN® and AQUA PALLADIUM Technology that has been proven to provide various health benefits.
- The towel-like thin but robust fibre structure provides a high level of movability, breathability and comfort when you’re always on the move.
- Moderately flexible to help in recovery from pain and injury
- Adjustable fit that is equipped with a newly structured removable support belt.
- Quick-dry function with fast water/sweat absorption for that dyer, cleaner and comfortable feel.
- Prevents or minimise Arthritis, Achilles Heel, Tennis Elbow
- Helps relieve stress on the feet or our arm
- Feel the lightness of your feet during your run.
- Has a therapeutic effect that aids in recovery and improves blood circulation.

What Makes our Phiten STANDOUT?

- Uses unique AQUA METAL Technology and AQUA PALLADIUM Technology
- Moderately flexible to help in recovery from pain and injury.
- Reasonably limit the movement of the ankle + warm standing work and a long time of walking.
- Adjustable wrap for a comfortable fit.

Technology: AQUA METAL, AQUA PALLADIUM Technology for removal of water retention

Suggestion of Use:

- Suitable for both men and women
- Wear it during activities
- Helps in recovery

Material:Nylon, Polyester

Direction of Care:
- May wear it daily
- Hand Wash with mild soap

What’s In The Box: 2pcs of Titan Band

Warranty: Not Applicable

Made In Japan