Phiten Titanium Tape X100 - SEE NEW PHITEN EXTREME TAPE!

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The X100 Titanium Power Tape Roll is our highest concentrated product within the Phiten Power Tape line. This "Triple Threat Tape" utilizes the following triple-combined technology. It is Stretchable, Breathable and Water Repellent. 

- Permeated with X100 AQUA-TITANIUM®, our strongest concentrate of the specially processed titanium. 
- Embedded with MICRO-TITANIUM SPHERES® and Carbonized Titanium on the back.

Although the X100 Titanium Power Tape Roll is super easy to apply and does not require specific application methods for results, they can be used similar to kinesiology tape as well, because of its excellent elasticity and durability.

97% Cotton
3% Polyurethane
Adhesive - Acrylic


Made in Japan